Postcards From A Stranger

Because getting mail should be fun.

Greetings, Stranger…

“Mail is rarely associated with fun and happiness anymore. Hell, people even dread opening their mailboxes these days. I want to change that…” – Justin C

Simply, I would like to send anyone and everyone a personal handwritten postcard from wherever I am currently residing. My generation is often exposed to physical mail as a vessel for spam and I want everyone to know the joy of opening a mailbox and finding something unique & special inside.

As a 23 year old Telecom Engineer who is on business travel for 80% of the year, your card could come from anywhere! In fact, it will most likely have traversed thousands of miles to get to your front door.

So, to receive a  postcard just fill in the contact on the right —>

The project is a personal endeavor and FREE for all humans. As such, there are no strings, no costs, no sales, and no marketing. Postage is funded entirely by myself and through donations; I intend to keep it that way forever. Note, while donations are welcome and allow me to share the joy you got with others, they are in no way required.

Moreover, 20% of all donations will be sent to a local charity that supports impoverished children and community development. I will try to post a video/photo’s of me handing over a cheque if possible (sometimes I have already left the country when the donation is made).

Here are some ways to help me reach my initial goal of sending 1,000 postcards.

  1. Leave a comment below
  2. Post on the Facebook fan page and invite your friends to join
  3. Follow the project on Twitter, hashtag #lettersforall.
  4. Link to this page on all of your social media sites and blogs.

Each postcard is an opportunity for me to explore something new and  interesting with YOU. Make sure to tell me what you would like your postcard to be about. Here are some idea’s:

  • Ask for a local child or resident to write you a postcard about their city!
  • Let me respond to a burning question you have, serious or humorous!
  • Ask my thoughts on the platypus and its place in the world.
  • Have me send your letter to someone you secretly admire.
  • Demand I solve a math problem. An interesting way to outsource your homework!
  • Perhaps you would like someone to recognize that you are beautiful and loved. What better than a personal postcard <3

Hand-written letters  are a wonderful way to send sentiments, ask questions, give insights, and build friendships. I encourage all of you to take a leap of faith and ask for a postcard.

~ Justin Commu


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